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Hypnosis for Change

I’ve had many emails from clients asking why there is a need for multiple sessions in order to stop smoking. But as I’ve said before, hypnosis is not magic. Hypnosis is the art of bypassing your conscious mind with relaxation or distraction, and then carefully adding new healthy programming that will lead you to permanent change. However, what many clients don’t realize is that they have very strong programs running in their brain which keep them addicted to nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, anger, biting their nails, eating too much food, or whatever the issue may be.

For example, let’s say you’ve been smoking cigarettes for 10 years. Each and every day you have performed a ritual to smoke your cigarettes. Many wake up and smoke first thing in the morning, after each meal, after sex, during their breaks at work, etc. These are programs running in their subconscious mind regarding the timing and frequency of smoking. Then there’s the tapping of the new pack before opening, smelling it, and perhaps even using your favorite lighter which was given to you as a gift. Again, all programs. Some smokers even roll their own cigarettes, smoke from a pipe, or chew smokeless tobacco at times. Again, more programming that has been set in place. These programs make it a very difficult challenge to stop smoking on your own. 


We can’t erase the past

Now the key aspect of hypnosis programming to note is this: We can’t permanently delete the unhealthy programs in your mind. Once our programs are in place, they remain. Just like learning to ride a bicycle or recite the alphabet, these programs stay with you in your subconscious mind forever, barring a severe head injury. But, what we can do is add new healthy programs that are stronger and preferred over the old, unhealthy, outdated programs.


Remember that old computer program called Windows 98? How many of us still use that on our computer today?

Less than .0001%. Why?


It’s not as efficient and doesn’t make any sense to continue to use this program. It also isn’t compatible with our new, stronger, robust programs. But it took us a while to transition to the new computer programs. We didn’t jump from Windows 98 to Windows 8 overnight. It took time. While the new programming of hypnosis can work very quickly with some people, for the majority of us, it takes repetition and time for healthy programs to become the permanent preferred method of habit. Once your healthy programs are ingrained, they become your preferred method of subconscious habit.

Hypnosis: A bridge to permanence

Hypnosis offers us the ability to program our minds so that our new habits become easier to follow. When you can stick to your new habits for a week or two in between sessions with me, then your odds of making it to 30 -60 days of new habit formation exponentially increases the likelihood that you will achieve permanent healthy change in your life. That’s the power of hypnosis. Getting your from Point A to Point B with as little effort as possible. 

So remember, most habits are heavily rooted, having been developed, honed, and solidified in your mind over many, many years. But the good news is that hypnosis is very effective. A skilled hypnotherapist will guide you in identifying your problems and major unhealthy programs, create new healthy programs to replace the old ones, and provide you with the repetition, the support, and the coaching to succeed in your goal. Making permanent change on your own can be difficult. Having someone in your corner with the knowledge, tools, and most of all the commitment to your success, is crucial. 

My programs generally require 3-4 visits, depending on the nature of the problem and the length of time it has been in place. You want permanent change, and in my experience, the best way to do that is through the method outlined above. One session may work for a week or two, but you will likely fall back into the old programming and start smoking again. We don’t want that to happen. We want you to believe, change, and succeed. If that happens in one session, terrific! If it happens in four, awesome! The key is that change takes place, and that it lasts.

Change is possible. Email me and I will give you a call to discuss your goals and see if hypnosis is a good fit for you. Have a wonderful day!

-Mr. Banks