Hypnosis Testimonials




“I have absolutely no desire to smoke, and it seems so repulsive like never before. I know that is due to the hypnosis techniques he used during our session. He cares down to the last detail, is very thorough, and gives you a lot of tools for the real world so you can succeed. He genuinely cares, which I’ve found near impossible to find. Thankfully my husband and I chanced about him, and our lives are much better for it.”  

– Mary G. , November 2018


“I was going through a rough time in my life. I was unable to control my emotions such as anger, depression, and the worst anxiety I had experienced in my life. Upon meeting him I found a very friendly gentleman that I felt immediately very comfortable with. The hypnosis put me in a profound state of relaxation and self realization that I hadn’t experienced ever in my life.   If anyone has a doubt that this may not work for you, please go ahead and give it a shot anyway. Mr. Banks changed my life and greatly improved it.” 

– John G., November 2018


“Mr. Banks understood what I was going through as he specializes in stress and anxiety. His hypnosis was very powerful and puts you in a relaxed state where you can really focus on eliminating the root issues that are causing the distress. He gives you all the tools to overcome the issues. To anyone reading this with anxiety problems, we all share the same physical symptoms of anxiety that our minds create. Medications are just a band-aid, you can use your powerful mind that created the problem to undo the problem. Mr. Banks will show you how to use the power of your mind to overcome your bad thoughts that ruin your life.”

– Stephen H., October 2018


“Went because of my OCD and it helped lot. I would highly recommend him for all issues.

– Kirk A., October 2018


“I met with Mr. Banks for stress reduction. He guided me through a relaxing session and it felt great. He gave me tools to use in my daily life, and I’ve been feeling calm and in control ever since. I will return for other issues and recommend him to others.”

– Cecilia D., October 2018


“Mr. Banks is a very skillful, talented, and caring hypnotherapist. I highly recommend his services.” 

– Karen P., September 2018


“Mr. Banks works with you and gives you the tools to accomplish what you need.  I recommend him highly.”

– Terry H., September 2018


“Mr. Banks is very professional. He is always on time and always has a welcoming smile when I go into his office. He is very committed to helping me improve my relationship with food and figuring out what will work best for me. He included some MP3’s for me to listen to when I feel myself wanting to get off track and after listening to them I feel better and back on point with where I should be. I have definitely benefited from attending these hypnosis sessions with Mr. Banks. I will recommend Mr. Banks to friends and family.”

– Diana M., August 2018


“I had a very good experience. He showed me how to control my anxiety. People are skeptical because of the fact  that they think they’re going to be hypnotized like the movies, but he doesn’t snap his fingers and you’re asleep. He teaches you how to relax and take control of your mind. This man is very intelligent and does a lot of research, so I gave him a five star. God bless you Mr. Banks may God bless your business and  your willingness to help others.”

-Johnny A., August 2018 


“Mr Banks is very  professional, caring, and knows what he is doing. I needed help remembering something, and he was able to help me. He took time to explore how to be the best he could be for me, and it was a success. I will be returning for other things. I’m very grateful of my outcome. Thank you, Mr. Banks.”

– Maria M., July 2018





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