Hypnosis  is  Teamwork


Hypnosis takes Teamwork


It’s imperative for a successful session that both the client and the hypnotist understand that their work together is mutually beneficial. The client wants to make meaningful change in their life, and the hypnotherapist wants to help the client do so. This strong desire from both parties to begin a transformation sets the stage for success. With your powerful mind and commitment to change, I can guide you on a journey that will help you find your inner power to change your life.


An interesting understanding regarding hypnotherapy is that we, hypnotherapist and client, are both the leader and the follower during our interaction together. It’s similar to a dance. Because we are always in control of our mind, thoughts, and imagination during hypnosis, you are a leader and I will follow you wherever that may take us. While at the same time, during hypnosis there are times where you will choose to follow my suggestions because you find them beneficial to transforming your mind and your life. As you provide me with information, I reciprocate with my own suggestions for you. It’s a meeting of the minds. At Central Valley Hypnosis, we effectively use teamwork to help you empower yourself to improve your life, solve your problems, and move on to the bigger and better things that await you.  We serve the Central Valley of California with offices in Fresno, Bakersfield, and Modesto.       


 We all need help at times in life. We benefit from positive interactions with others when we share the same values and goals. Hypnotherapy works the same way. When we come together to help each other harness the best aspects of our mental processes and put them to work for us, self-control, power, and well-being can be achieved. And the more often you utilize these skills you’ve learned, the stronger you’ll become in everything you do. In pooling our resources with teamwork, we can achieve success where it previously eluded us. 



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