Hypnosis FAQ’s




Q . What is hypnosis? 

A .  It’s the state of being mentally open to suggestion. If you’ve ever daydreamed, you were in hypnosis. If you’ve ever been busy watching TV and someone asked you a question, you answered quickly, but then realized you didn’t know what they even asked you, you were in hypnosis. If you have driven somewhere you frequently travel to and simply felt like you were on autopilot, ‘waking up’ when you arrived, you were in hypnosis. It is in this state that powerful, positive, suggestions can be received by your mind. 


Q .Who can be hypnotized? 

A . If you are reading this, then you can be hypnotized. Anyone with the ability to reason can be hypnotized. Only people with severe intellectual disability or children under the age of five years old would have difficulty because they may not understand and follow the instructions given by the hypnotist. If you are able to read a book and follow simple instructions, you can be hypnotized. The only requirement is that you want to be hypnotized and allow it to happen. Each person is different in their ability to achieve certain depths of hypnosis. However, most of my programs only require a light hypnotic state, which everyone can easily achieve.  


Q .  Am I sleeping? 

A . Actually, it’s just the opposite. You’re wide-awake! You’re actually in a state where all of your senses are enhanced including your sight, hearing, taste, smell, and emotions. It is closer to a state of dreaming or relaxing. You will be focused on my words and all outside sounds will seem to fade away.


Q . Will I tell you any deep, dark, secrets?

A . Not unless you wish to. Hypnosis is not truth serum. You will not reveal anything that you’d like to keep a secret. A hypnotist can’t make you do anything against your own will. That only happens in the movies and is not an accurate representation of hypnosis.  


Q . Is hypnosis dangerous? 

A . No at all. It’s no more dangerous than sitting in a recliner, watching television. The only side effect is that you will be very relaxed afterwards. 


Q . Will I be in control and aware of what is happening? 

A . Yes, the entire time. You’re not unconscious. You’re in an alternative state of consciousness with a very narrow focus of attention. You can hear everything that is being said. Nothing happens without your consent and you are in absolute control. It will feel as if you are sitting with your eyes closed, relaxing. 


Q . Will I remember what happens during the session? 

A . Yes. People remember everything they or the hypnotist said during the session. In rare instances, the hypnotist may need to remind them of one or two points that were talked about in order to jog the rest of the client’s memory. It’s possible that a hypnotist could use a posthypnotic suggestion to forget what was said, but this is rarely used. 


Q . My friend tried to quit smoking by using hypnosis and it didn’t work. Why?

A . Every person is different. Likewise, every hypnotist is different. You, the client, must have a desire and commitment to change your ways. Your hypnotist should be competent and committed to your success. If those two criteria are met, your odds of success are increased. But hypnosis is not magic and people can still make their own choices despite hypnosis.  


I love answering questions about hypnosis. If you still have questions, reach out and contact me and someone should respond within 24 hours. We have offices in Fresno, Bakersfield, and Modesto to accommodate and serve the needs of California’s central valley.  


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