If you’re overweight, you’re not alone. According to a recent CDC study, 71% of all American adults are overweight or obese. And 38% of those are in the obese range. Most Americans can stand to lose at least a few pounds. But it’s even more important for those people whose BMI falls into the obese range (BMI higher than 30). Morbid obesity is a BMI higher than 40. And Super Morbid Obesity is a BMI higher than 50. Find out your current BMI here. Now that you have your BMI, you can enter different weight ranges and come up with a healthy weight for you. Then you can obtain your weight loss goal of how many pounds you’d like to shed.

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How do we get so overweight? There are different scenarios, but they are all very similar. I started gaining weight once I hit my 30’s. I found myself gaining weight each year in a very slow, steady way. A gradual, yet significant increase of weight that just crept up on me. I didn’t notice any abrupt changes. But in 2017, I finally realized I had gained more than 30 pounds over five years. I went from 175 to 210 pounds. My BMI was at a solid 29. I was borderline obese. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like what I seen. So I committed to change with hypnosis. I changed my mind and changed my life, dropping from 210 pounds to 180 pounds in four months. I began to feel full of energy, lighter, able to move around easily, run without knee pain, and fit into a lot of the clothes I used to wear when I was younger. In effect, I was me again. In control of myself and focused on health.


Why should you lose weight? Not only will you feel better about your body image at a slimmer weight, but people will also treat you differently as well. If you’ve been morbidly obese at any point in your life, you know what it’s like to have people judging you about your obesity. It’s bad enough that we judge ourselves, being our harshest critics. If you lose weight now, you can add years to your life and make a huge reduction in your risk to develop life threatening diseases which go hand in hand with being obese. These include: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, anxiety, and depression. Your quality of life becomes lower. Eventually, you will develop physical pain throughout your body from the increased stress on your joints, which will impact your overall ability to function like a normal human being. In a nutshell, obese people are on track for an early death and an unenjoyable life. Being obese is bad for you. You know that already. And losing weight is hard to do. Thankfully, hypnosis can help you find the power within you to finally succeed!


Hypnosis is powerful and can help people with many problems. But obesity is actually one of the most successful disorders that hypnosis can treat. This is because the primary cause of obesity is a lack of appropriate programming of the mind. There can be many reasons for this, including emotional issues, boredom, distraction, addiction, or even a seemingly simple lack of value for oneself. But the bottom line is that you can change. With hypnosis, you can lose weight and become both healthier and happier.

weight loss

I’m committed to helping my clients become better people and improve their life. Successful weight loss has many factors that are addressed in my weight loss program. Perhaps you’re already trying supplements, but struggle with exercise. Perhaps you exercise, but struggle with portion size. Perhaps you eat healthy portions, but splurge too often and can’t lose any weight. Whatever the issue, I take the time to work with clients and we figure out the problem together, and then we solve it. You’re an important person and you deserve to feel better. If you have any questions, please give me a call as I love teaching people about the power of hypnosis!

-Mr. Banks