Commitment to Integrity and Outstanding Ethics




I hold myself to high standards. As such, I’ve chosen to learn from and adhere to only the most upstanding, rigorous professional and ethical guidelines in my hypnotherapy practice.


I will always keep the following at the forefront of my mind:   


  • I help my clients change their life through hypnosis.


  • I operate with the highest standard of integrity and respect for myself, my clients, and hypnosis.   


  • I only work with clients which I am confident I can help with the power of hypnosis. If a particular person or issue is better served by another hypnotherapist or medical professional, I will dutifully refer them to a person better equipped to help. 


  • I continue to learn and improve my skill set in hypnosis by continuing my education, consulting with colleagues, and testing new hypnosis techniques and strategies on myself and my associates. Therefore, I will become the best hypnotherapist I can be. 


  • I maintain, to the best of my ability, a healthy body, mind, and spirit. In doing so, I am at my best during hypnosis and therefore give my clients the strongest possibility of making the change they desire in life.  


  • I will follow the standards and teachings of the National Guild of Hypnotists, from which I have learned the art of hypnosis and to which I’ve sworn to uphold and maintain. 


Thank you all for your support. I am grateful for your patronage and the opportunity to serve you.

Mr. Banks

Certified Hypnotherapist

December 10, 2018






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