Stop Alcoholism with Hypnosis 


No alcohol allowed


Just as Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help smokers stop their bad habit, it can help alcoholics overcome their habit as well. It can help alcoholics leave that derogatory label behind. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, right? Wrong.


I personally overcame my own alcoholism with the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Prior to that, I had simply used my own will power to ‘try and cut back or stop’ with mixed results. Now, every time I see an alcoholic beverage I have no desire to drink and in fact, I’m repelled by it. I’m thankful for the power of my mind and the power of hypnosis, as it made conquering this bad habit easy.


I used to consider one of my main hobbies drinking craft beer. I would visit the breweries here in Fresno and around the Central Valley. I’d visit other breweries when I was out traveling the country. It was a part of my life. And it seemed that nearly everyone drank craft beer when they went out to eat or socialize. It seemed very normal and without deleterious effects. Plus, there were so many varieties to choose from. I felt sophisticated  in my taste for different types of beer, and overlooked that beer was simply a toxic brew for my liver, brain, and body.


I’m no longer an alcoholic. Just as a non-smoker is no longer a smoker, a person who completely abstains from alcohol is no longer an alcoholic. I had the alcohol habit. I don’t anymore. So I’m not an alcoholic.


Now I can visit tap houses with friends and not have a single drink, not a single sip. It’s no longer a part of my life. And each time a person is around alcohol and does not imbibe, it makes you stronger and reinforces your conviction as you become more confident and sure of your new lifestyle.  


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